Barry Simon, MD

Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine

Hometown: Detroit, MI
Undergraduate School: Michigan State University
Medical School: Wayne State University
Graduate Education: Emergency Medicine Residency, Denver General Hospital
Professional Interests: Emergency Ultrasound, Airway, Wound Care
Interests / Hobbies: Hiking, camping, travel, reading, tech toys, family, hockey, dogs

Eric Snoey, MD

Vice-Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine. Director of GME

Hometown: Holland, MI
Undergraduate School: University of Michigan
Medical School: University of Michigan
Graduate Education: Emergency Medicine Residency, Harbor/UCLA
Professional Interests: International EM, Emergency Ultrasound, Cardiology
Interests / Hobbies: My kids, guitar, travel, tennis

Charlotte Page Wills, MD

Residency Director

Hometown: Waterford, CT
Undergraduate School: Bryn Mawr College
Medical School: Boston University School of Medicine
Graduate Education: Emergency Medicine Residency, Highland General Hospital
Professional Interests: Medical Education, Student Advising, Pedatrics, EMS Education
Interests / Hobbies: Chasing and being chased by 3 small boys


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Class of 2018

Eben Clattenburg

Hometown: Perkinsville, VT
Undergraduate School: Dartmouth College
College Major: Art History
Graduate School: Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Graduate School Degree: MPH
Medical School: Johns Hopkins
Interests / Hobbies: Running, climbing, cooking, urban farming, trying new restaurants.
Previous Lives: Ski rental shop employee, farmer, wannabe ski-patroller, squash player
5 Year Plan: 
Learn a ton and become a great EM physician. Run a 50 miler. Learn how to cook Korean food. Start a family.

Andrea Dreyfuss

Hometown: Lima, Peru
Undergraduate School: University of Notre Dame
College Major: Anthropology
Graduate School: UC Berkeley
Graduate School Degree: MPH
Medical School: Stanford School of Medicine
Interests / Hobbies: Dancing and singing with my son and hubby, running, hiking, eating delicious food, movies
Previous Lives: Salsa dance instructor, teenage counselor, Canadian mounty
5 Year Plan: Become an amazing emergency doc, get a dog, expand the family and travel

Austin Kilaru

Chief Resident

Hometown: Abilene, TX
Undergraduate School: Yale University
College Major: English literature
Medical School: University of Pennsylvania
Interests / Hobbies: Health policy, tacos, national public radio, country music, old books, bicycles, my nephews
Previous Lives: 
Fiddle player, yeast biologist, tennis coach
5 Year Plan: Be a good doctor, embark on a research career, play in a band, host raucous dinner parties

Claire Lyons

Hometown: Oakland, CA
High School: Lick-Wilmerding HS
Undergraduate School: UC Davis
College Major: Human Development
Graduate School: UC Berkeley
Graduate School Degree: MS
Medical School: UCSF
Interests / Hobbies: Health equity, underserved populations / reading, cooking, watching movies, enjoying sunshine, learning how to ski
Previous Lives: Community Organizer, Barista, Quality Assurance Specialist
5 Year Plan: Work hard, become a good doctor, be the best wife and mom I can, figure out exactly what I'm doing after residency!

David Martin

Chief Resident

Hometown: La Paz, Mexico
Undergraduate School: Harvard College
College Major: History and Science
Medical School: Columbia University
Interests / Hobbies: Traveling, international development, warm weather, beaches, dancing, working out, hiking, Scuba diving, and running
Previous Lives: Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative analyst for the Caribbean, HIV research fellow in Rio de Janeiro, English teacher in China, pub crawl promoter in Rome
5 Year Plan: Continue to work with the underserved, enjoy residency and make lifelong friends, become a great EM doctor, discover how to integrate international health into my future EM career and continue to explore the world.

Dara Mendelsohn

Hometown: New Haven, CT
Undergraduate School: Brown University
College Major: Art History
Graduate School: Bryn Mawr College
Graduate School Degree: Post-Baccalaureate
Medical School: University of Rochester
Interests / Hobbies: Trail running, hiking, travel, languages, Columbus Crew, yoga, snob coffee, refugee health, MSF, ultrasound, and Terry Gross
Previous Lives: Museo dell'Opera del Duomo docent, kindergarten teacher, rape victim advocate, trekking guide in Guatemala (vaya Quetzaltrekkers!), and Dudeist priestess
5 Year Plan: Learn, mejorar mi español, go to Burning Man, run the Napa Valley and Big Sur marathons, and meet Terry Gross

Amarinder Singh

Hometown: Hoshiarpur, Punjab, India
Undergraduate School: UC Irvine
College Major: Neurobiology, Psych minor
Graduate School: UC Berkeley
Graduate School Degree: MPH
Medical School: UCSF
Interests / Hobbies: Hiking, cross country road trips, long scenic drives, National parks, CRICKET
Previous Lives: AT&T tech support guy, Machine operator in gigantic two buck chuck winery, California Wine Grape Inspector (Not making this up!)
5 Year Plan: Learn as much as I can, stay happy, and be good to those around me

Monique Smith

Undergraduate School: Harvard
College Major: Anthropology
Graduate School: London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and the London School of Economics & Political Science, London, England
Medical School: Harvard Medical School

Benjamin Thomas

Hometown: Hawthorne, CA
High School: Bishop Montgomery High
Undergraduate School: UC Santa Barbara
College Major: Biological Sciences
Medical School: UCSF
Interests / Hobbies: Cooking, photography, watching & playing basketball, fantasy football, D-I-Y projects, going to live concerts, traveling to places where my money is worth more
Previous Lives: Housing counselor, lab assistant, event promoter, bouncer, bartender
5 Year Plan: Graduate from residency and become a bad-ass Attending somewhere. Shack up and get married. Maybe pursue an Education fellowship

Peter Wroe

Hometown: Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
Undergraduate School: Stanford University
College Major: Human Biology
Medical School: University of Chicago Pritzker SOM
Interests / Hobbies: Family, sports, the great outdoors
Previous Lives: Idahoan, pediatric infectious disease researcher, marathoner, and triathlete
5 Year Plan: Enjoy residency, grow family, see some sites, never move out of the west again

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