Barry Simon, MD

Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine

Hometown: Detroit, MI
Undergraduate School: Michigan State University
Medical School: Wayne State University
Graduate Education: Emergency Medicine Residency, Denver General Hospital
Professional Interests: Emergency Ultrasound, Airway, Wound Care
Interests / Hobbies: Hiking, camping, travel, reading, tech toys, family, hockey, dogs

Eric Snoey, MD

Vice-Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine. Director of GME

Hometown: Holland, MI
Undergraduate School: University of Michigan
Medical School: University of Michigan
Graduate Education: Emergency Medicine Residency, Harbor/UCLA
Professional Interests: International EM, Emergency Ultrasound, Cardiology
Interests / Hobbies: My kids, guitar, travel, tennis

Charlotte Page Wills, MD

Residency Director

Hometown: Waterford, CT
Undergraduate School: Bryn Mawr College
Medical School: Boston University School of Medicine
Graduate Education: Emergency Medicine Residency, Highland General Hospital
Professional Interests: Medical Education, Student Advising, Pedatrics, EMS Education
Interests / Hobbies: Chasing and being chased by 3 small boys


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Class of 2020

Amelia Breyre

Hometown:  New York
High School:  Manhasset High School
Undergraduate School:  Columbia University
College Major:  Evolutionary Biology 
Medical School:  University of Pennsylvania
Interests / Hobbies: Snacking and pizza
5 Year Plan:  (1) Learn all the medicine I can (2) Find the best pizza in the Bay Area (3) Learn how to drive a car, unless the self-driving car comes out first. 

Jonathan Gelber

Hometown:  Los Gatos, California
High School: Los Gatos High School
Undergraduate School:  Pomona College, Claremont, CA
College Major:  Biology
Medical School:  Vanderbilt School of Medicine
Interests / Hobbies: Vietnamese food, Snowboarding and Skateboarding, Playing drums and guitar, Being a gym rat (in that if I am in a gym, I am likely in the corner eating cheese), 90’s alternative rock, Bad diner coffee, Going for GNAR points in Tahoe
5 Year Plan:  Learn Emergency Medicine the Highland way, Read more fiction, Learn the difference between California wines, Drum all over the Bay Area, Ski the Southern Hemisphere

Rebecca Gonsalves

Hometown:  West Monroe, NY
High School:  Central Square, NY
Undergraduate School:  North Park University/CUNY City College
College Major:  Music
Medical School:  SUNY Downstate
Interests / Hobbies: songwriting, playing outside, growing things, nonviolence and the intersections of social justice and medicine
5 Year Plan: learn to be a good doctor, stay true to myself and committed to social justice, keep writing music, fall in love with the East Bay  

Will Goodson

Hometown:  San Francisco, CA
High School:  UHS
Undergraduate School:  Haverford College
College Major:  English Literature
Medical School:  UCSF
Interests / Hobbies: playing soccer, running, urban biking, drinking coffee, throwing shapes, concert going, listening to NPR, expressing gratitude
5 Year Plan: becoming awesome ED doc with my amazing colleagues and then hopefully getting a job where I can teach. I'd also like to learn an instrument.

Katie Hatch

Hometown: San Diego, CA
High School: Patrick Henry High School
Undergraduate School: Harvard University
College Major: Social Studies

Postbacc in Premedical Studies: Bryn Mawr College
Medical School: Columbia College of Physicians & Surgeons 
Interests / Hobbies:  adventure, discovering things I never knew I didn't know, looking closely at tiny things, befriending strangers.
5 Year Plan: be a sweet ED doc that makes my patients feel truly cared for, keep loving the world and the people around me, invent something rad, scuba dive with a whale shark.

Mac Henry

Hometown: Concord, NH

High School: Derryfield

Undergrad: Carleton College

Major: Religion
Medical School: Johns Hopkins

Hobbies/interests: Professional: exceptional healthcare for underserved patients, healthcare at the end of life, rural health.  Personal:  Wilderness travel, whitewater kayaking, canyoneering, reading, playing with my nieces and nephew, baking pastries.

Five year plan:  Learn as much as I can from my patients and colleagues to become the best doctor I can be; remain a good family member and friend; keep playing outside; eventually move to the mountains.

Omeed Moalikyar

Hometown: San Leandro, California
High School: Arroyo High School
Undergraduate School: UC Berkeley
College Major: Molecular and Cell Biology
Medical School: UC Davis
Interests / Hobbies: 49ers football fanatic, hip hop head, beer enthusiast, Madden champion (come see me!), long boarding well, snowboarding poorly.
5 Year Plan: Become the best EM doc I can be. Be able to cook all kinds of delicious stuff. Pop bottles. Practice abroad for a bit. Hopefully teach some medicine.

Mariko Nomura

Hometown:  Portland, Oregon

High School:  Sunset High School

Undergraduate School:  Rice University

College Major:  Psychology

Medical School:  Oregon Health & Science University

Interests / Hobbies: Climbing up, skiing down. Morning jogs, evening beers. Bad puns, good humored friends.

Previous Lives:  Lifeguard, camp counselor, Googler, gait and balance tester, maternal health researcher.

5 Year Plan:  Become a full-fledged EM doc while still being a good friend/partner/daughter/sister/human.

Evan Rusoja

Hometown:  Providence, RI
High School:  Northfield Mount Hermon
Undergraduate School:  Brown University
College Major:  Neuroscience
Graduate School:  Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Graduate School Degree:  PhD (International Health)
Medical School:  Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Interests / Hobbies:  Playing/watching soccer, biking recklessly, maternal health, health tech, electronic music. 
5 Year Plan: Disconnect more, be an awesome partner (at home/ in my home communities ), cook tasty things, learn from those around me. 

Cody Schultz

Hometown:  Mill Valley, California
High School:  Tamalpais High School
Undergraduate School: UCLA
College Major: Political Science
Medical School: University of Michigan
Interests / Hobbies: Surfing, mountain biking, live music, travel, tacos
5 Year Plan: Learn to be a good emergency doc, be outdoors as much as possible, get to know Oakland well

Dawa Sherpa

Hometown: Khumjung, Nepal
High School: Santa Barbara High School
Undergraduate School: UCSB
College Major: Biochemistry  
Medical School: UCSF
Interests / Hobbies:  cooking (I can iron chef anyone's fridge contents), painting (everything and anything), brunching in SF, waiting for brunch in SF, seeing beautiful places as often as I can

5 Year Plan: To learn as much as possible, to incorporate global health into my career with part of it in Nepal :) , to make time for my friends and family so they don't forget my face 

Elaine Yang

Hometown:  Albany, CA
High School:  
Albany High School
Undergraduate School:  Penn
College Major:  Anthropology 
Medical School:  USC
Interests / Hobbies: Making guacamole, listening and dancing to really loud music, talking about social issues, watching things grow (especially if they are edible), lying in shavasana, laughing till my abs hurt 
5 Year Plan: Become a badass ED doc while staying compassionate and caring, learn to whistle, teach my cats some tricks

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