Highland Visiting Elective Scholarship (VESP)

Hi future Highland sub-is,


As the only safety net institution and Trauma Center for more than 1.5 million people, we are committed to providing the best possible care possible and firmly believe that includes developing a team of providers as diverse as our patient population. We are determined to recruit residents who not only excel clinically and academically, but who also who reflect the incredible cultural, linguistic, and ethnic diversity of those we serve.


Our commitment to recruiting a diverse residency class is evidenced by 4th year medical student diversity scholarship program. Please check out our attached brochure which will tell you a little more about what makes our program such a fun and incredible place to train, as well as the scholarship application. Feel free to email us with any and all questions.

For each academic year decisions are made on a rolling basis, with early applications encouraged. Applicants may also request a waiver of the clerkship fee, even if not ultimately selected for the scholarship.

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