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Congratulations Lia Losonczy and Graham Brant-Zawadzki!

Pictured L to R: Kelly Quinley , Tarak Trivedi , Tiffany Anaebere, Graham Brant-Zawadzki, Charlotte Wills , Carter Clements.

Lia Losonczy MD MPH Class of 2016 (currently a Critical Care Medicine Fellow at Maryland Shock Trauma) won the 2016 ACEP National Humanities in Medicine writing competition.

Graham Brant-Zawadzki MD Class of 2017 (current 4th year) is the 2016 National CPC Competition Finals runner-up. He competed on Sunday in the finals, and results were announced today. He advanced to the finals as a winner in the semi-final field of 60 in the competition held this past spring in Nashville. Graham presented a case of gestational trophoblastic disease mimicking hyperthyroidism.

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