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Highland Faculty Updates

Here's some notable things the Highland faculty have been up to in the past month or so!

Dr. Andrew Herring just published a chapter on 'Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain Management in the Emergency Department' in Hadzic’s Textbook of Regional Anesthesia and Acute Pain Management, 2nd Ed. He was also awarded a grant from the California Healthcare Foundation to lead a coalition of urban and rural emergency departments throughout Northern California to develop systems of care to treat opiate addiction.

Dr. Barry Simon & Dr. Charlotte Wills were names recipients for the 2017 UCSF Excellence in Teaching award. The reception will be in San Francisco on Monday, September 11th.

Dr. Gene Hern participated in the EMS BART extraction drill (see below) and avoided getting run over by a BART train on August 20th.

Dr. Arun Nagdev & Dr. Charlotte Wills were ultrasound workshop faculty teaching international EM providers at SMACC 2017 in Berlin this past June (see below).

Dr. David Duong was faculty in the ACEP Teaching Fellowship in Dallas, TX on Aug 10-11th teaching EM medical educators from over 40 residency programs.

Dr. Caitlin Bailey was Ultrasound Course Coordinator for the UCSF High Risk conference in June 1.

Dr. David English is chair of the Alameda Chapter of the East Bay Conversation Project, part of a movement to get people to have “the conversation” with their loved ones about advance care planning.

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