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Two More Publications for 2017

Our Highland research program is having a strong year, with two more big deal publications from Highlanders past and present in the prior month:

Resident Drs Gardner (R3), Clattenburg (R4) and Wroe (R4) et al published a standardized approach to cardiac ultrasound during PEA arrests in American Journal of Emergency Medicine. Called the Cardiac Arrest Sonographic Assessment (CASA) exam, the protocol provides a framework for quick assessment of potential reversible causes of PEA arrest, in order to minimize prolonged interruptions in lifesaving CPR.

Read the article here.

And, Levitt Center Director and Attending Dr Alter et al published a preliminary evaluation of the Highland Health Advocates, a novel approach to addressing the social needs of emergency department patients. The article appears in the Emergency Medicine Journal, and can be found here.

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