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Hello and Welcome!

The Highland Hospital Emergency Department is an extraordinary place for volunteers to solidify healthcare aspirations and discover the intangible rewards of serving such a diverse population. The purpose of the volunteer program is to recruit and retain talented healthcare professionals with an interest in serving the County, to provide mentorship to aspiring healthcare professionals, and to advocate the importance of high patient satisfaction and care. As an ED volunteer, you will not only be able to observe traumas and other medical procedures in close proximity to medical personnel, but you will also spend your time interacting with and caring for patients. Through Highland Hospital, you will have amazing opportunities to make new friends with shared life goals, meet inspirational healthcare professionals, and touch the lives of patients. We are certain that your one of a kind experience at Highland Hospital will be an immensely rewarding and learning experience.

What We Look For in a Volunteer

The Emergency Department Volunteer Program is highly competitive and equally rewarding. We are looking for individuals who plan to have a career in the healthcare field, who are energetic and task oriented, have patient care experience, and who can commit to doing one four-hour shift per week for at least six months. We seek only those volunteers who demonstrate commitment, consistency, and a genuine passion for healthcare. Please be aware that all volunteers must complete our full training process and comply with our attendance policy in order to stay in our program.

Becoming an ED Volunteer

Please read the following very carefully. Our intake process is meant to attract only the most committed individuals.

To begin volunteering at Highland Hospital you must apply to the volunteer program, attend an orientation, complete necessary paperwork, pass a health screening and a background check, and get a badge. Please visit the AHS Volunteer Department website for more information and to get started.

Only volunteers who have completed the mandatory 100 probation hours (done in a non-patient care area) are able to move into the Emergency Department. To be eligible to work in the Emergency Department, volunteers must have a great attendance record during their probation period, show they have a strong work ethic and sense of responsibility, and earn the recommendation of their probation supervisors. Volunteers must also have some patient care experience, either outside of AHS or in another non-probation volunteer department. The volunteers who meet those requirements during probation can contact their probation supervisors to apply.

Here’s how the process will work:

  1. Interview

  • The ED Lead Volunteers will conduct an in-person interview to get to know you better and see if you are a fit for the department.

  1. If accepted, you will need to take care of a few things:

  • CPR Certification

  • To volunteer in the ED, you must be CPR certified.  Please take a course in “CPR for Health Professionals.”  You can find information on CPR courses at www.bayarea-redcross.org or www.fastresponse.org.
    Please Note: the Volunteer Department/AHS does not pay for volunteer CPR certification.

  • Scrubs

  • All volunteers in the ED must purchase scrubs in a specific brand, color, and with Highland ED embroidery. Information about the scrubs will be given to you if you are accepted as an ED volunteer.  We ask that volunteers do not purchase their scrub set until after they are accepted into the department.

  • Badge Access

  • The ED Leads will give you badge access to the department after you have been accepted and your training shifts scheduled.

  1. Training

    • Once you have completed all of the steps above, you will be given access to the ED schedule, which you will use to pick a trainer. Training takes place over 3 consecutive weeks (three 4-hour shifts), and must be completed with the same trainer each shift.

  2. Scheduling

    • After you have completed your training shifts, the ED Leads will work with you to pick a weekly shift.  Adherence to this shift is important.  We expect 100% attendance and communication of any unavoidable absence.  Truant volunteers will be subject to probation and/or termination.


Please Note: even if you meet the Emergency Department eligibility guidelines, there is noguarantee that you will be accepted into the department.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer with the Highland Hospital Emergency Department!

We hope that you will find your experience at Highland rewarding.

Sarah, Jimmy, Nicole, & Alison

ED Lead Volunteers


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Medical Director
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