Welcome to Highland Emergency Ultrasound. We are fortunate to work in a remarkable environment for bedside ultrasound, where scanning has been integral to the clinical practice at AHS - Highland Hospital for more than 20 years. From the early days of Dr. Simon and Snoey’s influential ultrasound book, the division has rapidly grown into a dynamic environment for ultrasound teaching and research. Our fellowship was one of the first in the country, producing many leaders in the field of emergency ultrasound.


Medical students who complete our rotation obtain the skills to be independent ultrasonographers for a variety of applications. Our interns complete a month-long ultrasound block, giving them cutting-edge expertise for all emergent applications. These skills are fostered and developed throughout residency, and by graduation, all residents are master-level ultrasonographers, able to integrate bedside ultrasound into clinical practice at the highest level. Fellows receive further training to push the limits of established applications and indications, become educational leaders on an international scale, publish widely, and move on to direct ultrasound divisions and fellowships. 


Today, the long tradition of Highland Emergency Ultrasound continues with state-of-the-art ultrasound applications, integration into international and disaster settings, national and international ultrasound education, and a new textbook on ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia.

Highland Emergency Ultrasound Highlights:


  • 6 ED ultrasound systems 

  • 2 Ultrasound Fellows per year

  • Multiple expert ultrasound faculty

  • Numerous research publications and ongoing research projects

  • Ultrasound education at local, national, and international conferences through lectures and hand-on courses

  • Strong relationships with Radiology, Anesthesiology, Internal Medicine, and Surgery

  • Daily scanning shifts in the department run by either ultrasound fellows or ultrasound attending

  • Weekly, detailed ultrasound video review and journal club

  • Access to thousands of teaching files, video clips, and photos

  • Active ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia teaching

  • Integrated ultrasound teaching during daily shifts, Wednesday conference, Follow-up conference, etc.

  • Multiple expert ultrasound faculty, six having completed US fellowships.

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