The Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship at AHS – Highland is a 1-year program designed to train leaders in the field of emergency ultrasound through establishing technical expertise, developing and improving teaching abilities, and providing research opportunities and experiences. Graduates of this fellowship typically go on to academic or expert positions, usually in the role of Emergency Ultrasound Director or Fellowship Director. We hope you will consider being a part of the Highland Emergency Ultrasound legacy.

  • Attending shifts in AHS: Highland Hospital, Alameda Hospital and San Leandro Hospital: 65 hours/month (approximately 8 shifts/month)
  • 1-2 ultrasound (US) scanning shifts/week
  • Minimum 600 US exams (150 confirmed by formal US/CT/surgery)
  • Weekly US journal club and video review/CQI
  • 1-2 research projects - publication & presentation expected
  • Assistance with resident & student US rotations
  • Edit US for video database
  • 2 resident US training sessions
  • 4-5 Residency Conference lectures/small group sessions
  • Outside US teaching with faculty group


  • Designing Clinical Research (TICR) course at UCSF
  • ED scanning shifts with core US faculty
  • Echocardiography technologist
  • Vascular lab, OB/GYN, US techs
  • RDMS prep course optional
  • Monthly Research in Progress meetings and research methods support


  • Multiple core US faculty who are international leaders in teaching and publication
  • Unrestricted use of US in the ED
  • Advanced applications of Emergency US, Regional Anesthesia, TEE.
  • High acuity, urban, county ED
  • Research assistants
  • Opportunity to interface with US industry
  • Advanced multimedia training
  • Bay Area quality of life
  • International emphasis
  • Travel opportunities


  • 1 year

  • Completed 4-year emergency medicine residency or 3-year residency with ≥ 1 year postgraduate experience


  • $100,000/year plus benefits
  • Travel assistance for research presentation
  • Other financial opportunities (e.g. moonlighting, teaching US courses)
  • 10,200 Business Expenses/CME

  • October 1

Daniel Mantuani, MD/MPH

Director, Ultrasound Fellowship