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Important Dates and EVents

September 1, 2020                               Applicants can begin submitting applications to residency programs.

October 21, 2020                                  Residency programs can begin reviewing residency applications.

November 2, 2020                                Highland will send out the first round of interview invitations.

January 31, 2021                                  Deadline for applicants’ rank list submission, final submission due at 11:59 PM ET.

March 15, 2021                                     Applicants notified of match status.

March 19, 2021                                     Match Day

September 2020

September 7th                                      Highland Summer Zoom Series: Social EM at Highland

September 7-9th                                   Highland Virtual Experience for URM applicants (invitation by application only)

September TBD                                     Highland Summer Zoom Series: Finding Your Niche in EM

September 16th, 23th, 30th                 Wednesday conferences open to applicants

September 25th                                     CalACEP recruitment event

September 26th- October 2nd             EMRA Virtual Fair 

October 2020

September 26th- October 2nd             EMRA Virtual Fair

October 7th and 14th                            Wednesday conferences open to applicants

February 2021

TBD                                                           Virtual Second Look with residents and faculty 

Frequently Asked Questions

PGY 1: $65,331.34

PGY 2: $72,402.10

PGY 3: $75,453.46

PGY 4: $79,467.65

We consider all applications submitted through ERAS, including those from International Medical Graduates.

There is no minimum USMLE score required to be considered for a residency spot at Highland.

We consider all applications submitted through ERAS, including those from DO medical schools.

Residents who do well at Highland tend to be kind, considerate, self-starters, team players, but most importantly they are passionate about serving a county patient population, those most medically vulnerable in our society.

The academic year is split into 13 blocks, each block is 4 weeks. There are 5 ED blocks during intern year, 7 ED blocks during R2 year, 8 ED blocks during R3 year, and 7 ED blocks during R4 year

EM residents are prioritized for all major procedures occurring in the ED, such as intubations, central lines, arterial lines, lumbar punctures. Procedures which occur during a trauma resuscitation, such as chest tubes or central lines, are performed by a member of the trauma team, which may be a surgery resident or EM resident. Chest tubes which need to be placed outside of a trauma resuscitation are split equally between surgery residents and EM residents depending on the half of the month. Most closed reductions for fractures and dislocations are performed by EM residents. Special procedures in the ED such as pericardiocentesis, transvenous pacing, and lateral canthotomy may be performed by EM residents depending on the circumstance.

Highland values and prioritizes diversity, particularly amongst its residents. We believe that in order to provide the best medical care for our patients, we must aim to represent our community’s racial, ethnic, cultural, and linguistic identities.


Click here to visit our Diversity page.

Wellness is a big priority at Highland. We consider wellness to be about more than just days off and group get-togethers, although we do love days off and group get-togethers. One of the biggest factors in resident wellness is having autonomy over your work schedule. The Highland ED schedule is created each month by the chief residents with much thought and care. After it is made, for example, it is reviewed to ensure an equitable distribution of requested days off and preferences for night shifts. We just initiated an innovative wellness curriculum for our interns focusing on the unique experiences and challenges that come with intern year. The chief residents host quarterly wellness check-ins with each class to get real-time feedback on pressing issues, regarding burnout, mental health, off-service rotations etc. It is important to us that mental health services are within reach 24/7 and our faculty are incredibly receptive to assisting with issues which may arise during a resident’s personal or professional life. We also dedicate one conference day per quarter to a wellness event as an entire residency community.

Click here to visit our Wellness page.