Charlotte Page Wills, MD

Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine
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Cherie Hargis, MD

Attending Physician, Director of Visiting Housestaff
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Daniel Mantuani, MD

Attending Physician
PT Attending – David Martin

David A. Martin, MD

Ultrasound Fellowship Director

David Duong, MD MS

Residency Program Director
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David K. English, MD

Chief Medical Information Officer
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Douglas White, MD

Attending Physician, Director of HIV and HCV screening
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Eric Snoey, MD

Attending Physician
FT Attending – Erik Anderson

Erik Anderson, MD

Director of Addiction Consult Service; Attending Substance Use Disorder Program
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Gene Hern, MS, MD

Attending Physician
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Jocelyn Freeman Garrick, MS, MD

EMS Base Director and Director of Disaster Management

Julie Gesch, MD

AHS Director of Simulation/Assistant Program Director of Conference