Highland in the news

Highland Bridge in the news!

October 11, 2021

A great radio piece on the opioid epidemic, our own Highland Bridge and the statewide expansion (CA Bridge). 

(Image is Christian Hailozian, substance use navigator and program coordinator of Highland Bridge) 

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Contact Tracing Is Saving Lives​

August 8th, 2020

Highland alumnus, Dr. Dominick Maggio, was featured in the New York Times identifying sick Covid patients on the Fort Apache Native American reservation in Arizona with some ingenuity and a pulse oximeter.

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The Badass 50


July 9, 2020

Highland alumnae Dr. Loretta Jackson-Williams and Dr. Sachita Shah (ultrasound fellowship alum) honored by InStyle Magazine in their “Badass 50 - Healthcare Workers Who Are Saving the Day” list.

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Policing Can Take a Lesson from Health Care


June 10, 2020

Highland alumna, Dr. Tiffany Chioma Anaebere featured in Scientific American, expounding on ways that police can reduce adverse outcomes by following the lead of healthcare institutions. 

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George Floyd’s Autopsy


June 6, 2020 

Highland Resident, Dr. Naya Misa was published in Scientific American discussing the implications of George Floyd’s autopsy. 

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Essence Essential Hero


June 2020 

Recent Highland graduate, Dr. Petrina Craine earned the honor of Essence Essential Hero through her work on the front lines of Covid.

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Free Covid-19 Testing Site Opens in East Oakland


May 18, 2020 

Beloved Highland attending Dr. Jocelyn Freeman-Garrick highlighted for her instrumental work bringing Covid testing directly into Oakland communities.

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Kids of Health Care Workers Feel the Strain


April 17, 2020 

Highland attending Dr. Berenice Perez, and ED RN Tamu Bustos profiled in KQED California Report Magazine discussing the toll of the novel coronavirus pandemic on essential workers and their families.

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COVID-19 is scary but, at Highland Hospital, we’ve got this


April 15, 2020 

Highland attending and Ultrasound Director, Arun Nagdev, explains why our county hospital's Emergency Department is ideally suited to take on the Covid-19 epidemic.

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John King interviews Dr. Jonathan Gelber


April 10, 2020 

Highland resident Dr. Jon Gelber was interviewed by CNN’s John King about the state of the Coronavirus pandemic in California.

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Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric Puts Latino Patients’ Health at Risk

May, 2019 

Highland Attending and Executive Director of the Andrew Levitt Center for Social Emergency Medicine participated in research on the impact of anti-immigrant rhetoric on Latinx patients’ access to medical treatment.

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Emergency Medicine Residents’ Association

May 18, 2020 

Our very own Residency Program Director and residency alumna, Dr. Charlotte Wills, was honored as the 2019 EMRA Residency Director of the Year.

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Treating opioid addiction


August 8, 2018

Highland Attending, Dr. Andrew Herring and Highland’s Opiate Use Disorder treatment programs were featured on the AAMC website and an in-depth New York Times profile:

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ultrasound education


November 8, 2018

Resident alumna and Highland attending, Dr. Andrea Dreyfuss’ groundbreaking work in ultrasound education in Peru featured by Lumify:

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